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In ancient times, as well as in some spiritual communities today the Priestess was and is revered as the medicine woman for her community. People would (and still do)seek her wisdom and counsel.

The high Priestess is highly intuitive and is able to see beneath the veil. With her ability to see into the shadow self, she can see and feel truth as well as see through lies, manipulation, and detect the abuse of power.

This makes her not only extremely powerful, but also threatening to the people who do not want to be seen. Because of this power the Priestess has been attacked, shamed, and the patriarchal energies of humankind have demonized her. They’ve burned her at the stake, tortured her, patronized her, and persecuted her. However like the phoenix from the flame she rises out of the ashes. She is awakening and coming back out of her cave, even stronger and wiser than before.

For most of us when we hear the word Priest we think “a man of God and the church” but when most hear the word “ Priestess” people think witch, hag, sorcerer, siren, seductress, and fraud. Often, when a woman steps into her power and learns to love herself, she is called a Narcissist, selfish, and people in accusatory tones ask, “Who does she think she is?!”

Wicked stories of the shadow side of the female psyche come to mind. There is a history of fears of women, powerful with their ‘womanly wiles’ leading others astray with their manipulation and hypnosis. The victim of this woman usually did something “he didn’t want to do and which led humanity into darkness”.

Let’s look at an example, like the Biblical story of Eve eating the apple from the tree of knowledge. God said “do not eat from the tree of knowledge or you will be banished from Eden”…

But why would one not want to eat from the tree of knowledge? It is after all heralded as ‘The tree of KNOWLEDGE!’. Whether it was her curiosity, her hunger, her thirst, her quest for knowledge or all of the above? As the story goes, Eve did eat that apple. Her desire and passion for wanting to understand the universe and uncover the mystery of existence was condemned as a sin. Supposedly this action warranted persecution as Eve was framed, blamed and shamed for the fall of mankind. And today, continuing to carry on the energy of this story which has been ingrained throughout history, much of society continues to perceive, on some level, the ‘Eve’s’ that walk around today.

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It’s time for us to RISE and write a new narrative!

A new and powerful ‘Her’story that we can all embrace. One of sacred sisterhood. A world where we as women support each other and empower each other.

Did you ever think that perhaps it’s actually our power within that intimidates mankind? A WOMB-AN gives birth. This makes us creators. If you identify as a woman, and regardless of whether you have or want children or have a physical womb or not, you are a WOMB-AN. Because inherent a womban’s identity is her desire and power to create, whether it be physically or energetically.

Within our inner chamber, our vessel, our WOMB, we hold the power and potent healing magic of creation. Even if you no longer menstruate or even have a womb…it is the energy within your womb area. YOU are a powerful WOMB-AN! If you are a man it is the divine feminine within you and your connection to mother Gaia & your divine connection to the creatrix.

And if you are reading this, sure enough the AWAKENING WITHIN has already begun…

The meaning and definition of Goddess & Priestess are very personal to each Womb-an and its difficult to try and encapsulate the energy and depth of the meaning in which they are energetically however this is what the Goddess & Priestess mean to me.


A Goddess knows she is made in the image of creation and in fact she is the co-creator of her reality, her Universe, and the Universe is her. She understands that she is the microcosm of the macrocosm. She knows she is made of stars and she is a womban who stands in her power as a creatrix (a woman who co-creates her reality).

Are you ready to awaken the Goddess within and claim your power?


A Priestess is a living vessel for the Divine Feminine who acts as a bridge between worlds. She is a medicine woman for her community. She is empathic, intuitive, a leader, and she shows the way for truth, love, light and healing. The Priestess models self love and care so her cup flows with abundance so that she may serve the highest good of her family and her community. A Priestess is spiritually sovereign and has a direct connection to the source of unconditional love. The Priestess is here to help heal the feminine wound & create change for the highest good of humanity, mother Gaia, and the world.

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I believe we are all awakening as it is time. Time for us to rise and take a stand for the healing of humanity and of Mother Gaia (Mother Earth).

Below are signs that your Goddess and Priestess power is AWAKENING:

You feel a calling to be part of the solution, not the problem.

In your heart’s desire you know you have come here to make a difference!

Perhaps the state of the world makes you feel sad and angry. Perhaps you have decided you want to do your part in helping the world become a better place. If you feel you want to energetically heal yourself and Mother Gaia as a way of saving the planet and bringing more peace to this world, then you’re probably already well on your way to awakening.

You may not be clear yet how you will do your part but you know that without a doubt, in some way, you will because you have come here to help. This knowing is deep within you, you feel it in your heart and in your bones. Deep down, you know that all healing starts with YOU.

You are a sensitive soul and highly Intuitive

You might have been told all your life that you are too sensitive and that you feel or care too much. The reality might be that actually you are fierce with an ability to feel other people’s pain and sometimes even their feelings. Perhaps you care and love people so much but have realized that this can also be difficult as sometimes it feels like you’ve taken on the pain and suffering of the world. This could come in hand with some Intuitive & psychic abilities. If you get a sense that you may sometimes know things before they happen. You may see patterns, receive messages from spirit. You may experience Déjà vu & you may have premonition dreams. Spiritually speaking, you may be what is known as an ‘empath’ which is a person who can feel and sense how others are feeling. And I must say, whilst it may not always seem so, 2020 is a great time to be one! This is a gift and not a curse.

Do you feel something inside of you opening up, with magic stirring and awakening within you? You might be sensing a calling, a re-birthing of your soul. You know that you are special and you have a special voice and it needs to be heard.

You are spiritual and feel that love, compassion, and kindness are your core values.

You know the key to everything is love. Kindness and love is everything to you and is at the core of your soul. Your spirituality is founded on love and you wish that everyone could see that love, compassion and kindness are the most important things in life. In this spirit you are community-based and love bringing people together. You may already run women circles or this may be something you want to do. You feel you are a healer and want to share your love and healing abilities with others. You may also feel sad because you don’t quite understand why others do not have your own morals, values, ethics. This often is expressed to us as accusations we’re wearing ‘rose tinted glasses’. However you know that being able to see the good in all people is a gift and that living with a connection to Mother Gaia is exactly where you will continue to live and be. Your beginning to understand that you will live your life in alignment with your heart and your soul. You also feel the importance to bring this love, light & healing energy to others.

You have always felt very connected to the earth, the elements, and you feel the power of the cycles of the seasons and the Moon

You have had a sense that as womban, our moon cycles are connected to the cycles of the moon. You may feel your best when you are in nature and perhaps you are already in sync with the cycles of the moon, the elements and the seasons. In ancient times, we lived in tribal communities and actually lived our lives on the earth, according to the cycles of the earth, seasons, the stars and the moon, and women would go to the “Red Tent” (moon cave) when they had their menstrual cycles as this was a time of deepening into their own inner rhythm and cycles. This was a time when women supported each other and danced upon the earth together under the stars. The crones would support the natural birth cycles and the mothers would support the maidens when they came into their natural rights of passage. This time was sacred and a powerful time of intuition (For more on this check out one of my favorite books, “The Red Tent” by Anita Diamant). You may be feeling the call to connect deeply to your womb, to magic, the stars, seasons, crystals, moon cycles, and to the medicine of the earth.

You are aware that you are co-creating your own reality and it is your desire to channel your power to help the world become a better place.

You have discovered that you can ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. You have realized and made the choice to break the generational patterns and choose not to be the victim to your circumstances because you have the power to break patterns, make better choices and actually write a new narrative for ‘the story’ of your life. You have already started to see that as the co-creator of your world and now you want to apply that narrative and your service to humanity.

You love to create beauty through sacred ceremony, ritual, and bringing magic to the mundane.

You are a lover of beauty and create beauty everywhere you go. You have the ability of turning something out of nothing and it gives you immense pleasure to transform yourself, a person, space, or a project into an expression of beauty. You can turn the mundane into magic. Ritual and sacred ceremony is not only important to you but is becoming a way of life. You love crystals, oracle cards, essential oils, lighting candles, taking ceremonial baths, and creating a sacred ritual around all that you do. When some people ‘are just making dinner’ you see it as more than just making dinner. Perhaps you see it as creating food mood medicine for your family and feel the nourishment and creation of a meal abundantly crafted with love. As you cook, you pour your love and blessings into the meal. You may lead the family into a gratitude prayer before each meal and feel the energy charging your body and soul. You see yourself as a domestic goddess.

You are a healer, a natural leader and intuitively you hold space for others

You have the understanding and wisdom to lead and you know that to lead really means to serve because it is about leading others to serve the highest good. Ultimately you know that what makes a good leader is someone who leads with their heart and knows how to hold a safe and sacred space where we are all equal. You know and understand that the old ways of leadership are falling away and that the new ways of leadership come from a place of love, respect, and the understanding that we are all in this together. You surrender parts of your ego and allow yourself to be guided by the grace of your soul.

If you are ready to walk the path of the Priestess then I would love to be your guide upon your awakening journey.

“I believe that when you change your beliefs you can change your life & when you heal yourself you are also healing the world.”

Are you ready to awaken the Goddess within & walk the path of the Priestess?

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Schamet is a Transformational Belief Coach, Clairvoyant Channel, Energy Healer, & Priestess.

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